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Catching up

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Dec. 31st, 2014 | 05:09 pm

It's been a while because not much noteworthy happened but now lots has so this is a placeholder to remind me to fill in the blanks.

1. Flew to Las Vegas for Christmas. Gila Bend now has 100LL but because of winds went via Buckeye (KBXK) which was awesome. Fresh hot coffee. Love it. Gusty over the Colorado River. more later.

2. Flew back. Gusty over the Colorado River and OAT showed -1. I'd not even known it had a "-" sign!!! Back through KBXK due to winds. Longest hover approach ever, probably could have done a traffic pattern instead but there were two fixed-wing aircraft I hadn't got a fix on doing pattern work. Fuel and out of there. more later.

3. Aircraft got a ramp check in prep for its 91.147 LOA work. The MAP gauge is wrong in its color bars (green range is wrong and yellow range is wrong). The FAA said it had failed a ramp check October 2012 when the gauge didn't match the POH. The gauge was then fixed January 2013.

Well guess what, _I_ noticed the POH was for a Raven I and put a Raven II POH in there... and that is why the gauge no longer matches the POH. We'll be fixing those color stripes asap. more later.

Off to ready Kenny's flight notes. Great start for a new year! more later

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