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Commercial Flying

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Jan. 26th, 2016 | 05:52 pm

I earned my FAA commercial pilot certificate in early 2014.  Since then I've been wanting to actually do commercial flying, that is flying for money!

The FAA has a lot of rules about this, and the simple rule is that if you're an air-carrier or a charter operation you operate under particular rules but otherwise you're limited to commercial flying.

Specifically I'm limited to 14 CFR 91.147 flying, which is nonstop flights no more than 25 statute miles from the airport.  That means no picking up passengers, no dropping off passengers, and no going further than 25sm.

Getting the word out has been difficult.  We tried advertising with the University of Arizona athletic program but that did not pan out.  We the tried Groupon and lo and behold people have already bought 24 rides in the 5 days since we started.

Yesterday I flew my first Groupon flight.  That makes it my first ever 91.147 commercial flight for pay with people who did not previously know me or us or of us!  I scanned the Groupon code at the beginning, thus eliminating the entry of a Tip portion.  I didn't repeat that mistake today, and today was my first ever commercial flight for pay for which I got tipped!   If you're wondering how much, I'm just going to say it was generous and it was then and is now appreciated!

So some milestones
- solo
- private pilot
- commercial pilot
- 91.147 pilot
- 91.147 pilot with tips (yay!)
- 7.25 years of flying
- 382 flights
- 477 hours
- 796 takeoffs and landings

Upcoming milestone:
- At 500 hours I can work on getting Part 135 certified so that I can do charter ("on-demand") operations, fly people to Sky Harbor airport or pick them up, do the same with Inde Motorsports Ranch, etc.

That's all for now.


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